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How I Came to Know and Love the Local Churches

I grew up in a God loving home where nightly prayer as a family was a part of my everyday life. As a youngster my religion was satisfactory, but as a mature person I came to feel, “There’s got to be more than this.” Many times after leaving church on Sunday, I would feel, “Poor God, when were You spoken of in this hour?” However, I did not consider leaving my denomination for another, so I stayed where I was, loving God with what I had.

But one day, by God’s mercy, through the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee and through my two sons in college, who touched this ministry, I was shown “the something more” that I had been seeking. One son had moved to Houston and the other to Dallas, and on every visit home they would sing hymns and share so many riches with me that I would feel tearful. It was not easy for me to consider a change after 45 years of denominational religion. I would ask, “Where are you hearing all of this?” They both answered the same way—“the Bible,” and “Come and see.”

So I got into the Bible and I “went and saw”. The old saying goes, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Not so in this case. I went, I saw and heard, and I was convinced. The meetings were so rich and the believers were so precious, so full of Christ. My husband and I were through with where we had been meeting. We left our denomination and began to pray at home, at first; later we began to meet in our home and in the home of another couple who had read Watchman Nee and desired to pursue Christ too.

Through the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee I learned that God has a plan and that I am a vital part of that plan. I learned I have a human spirit—what a revelation that was! That’s where God speaks to me, where God works His desire in me. I learned I could not earn my own righteousness by penance and sacrifice; only in Jesus Christ, could that righteousness be mine. He is the perfect Lamb of God, who died for me, resurrected, and became the life giving Spirit to get into me and make me a son of God, with God’s goal as my goal now. I have found “my home,” “my rest,” and in the local church in Alexandria, God has His “home and rest,” too. I was baptized in Dallas at 50 years of age. I have a new life—a divine life, I’m a new creation, part of a corporate man. I’m now 76 years old.

I have been twenty-five years in this ministry and I am enjoying the Lord more each day, loving the brethren, and so thankful to be a member of the Body of Christ and a part of God’s eternal economy. Praise the Lord!

Sylvia Redmond

The Church in Alexandria

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