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Saved to the Uttermost

As the son of missionaries, I was educated about Jesus, God, and sin from day one. In 1970, I became aware of my sinful condition and a deep desire to be one with Jesus. God’s judicial salvation was explained to me and I received His free gift of redemption and regeneration. Wow, what a marvelous feeling to have the weight of my sin removed by the precious blood of Jesus! Everything was new, fresh, and exciting.

All too soon, however, frustration crept in. Although I possessed the victorious life of Christ within me, I was still defeated. Positionally I was free, but dispositionally there were still so many things that held me captive, such as worries, besetting sins, confusion, ambition, selfishness and more. I knew that no amount of self-effort could free me from all of these things. It had to be Christ.

Time and time again the Lord recalled to my mind Paul and Silas in Acts 16:25. Circumstantially, they were imprisoned and their situation was severe. But inwardly they had peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Spirit—they were truly free! How did they do that?

As the severity of my circumstances intensified, so did my desperation before the Lord. I cried out, “Lord, have mercy on my family. Open up a way for us, even as you did for Paul and Silas.” God answered that prayer by introducing me to a meek sister in the Lord. Immediately I knew that she possessed the very life of intimacy, enjoyment, and freedom in Christ that I sought. Naturally I asked, “Who do you meet with?” “The local church in Alexandria. Come and see,” she said. Imagine my surprise and delight at meeting other believers who joyfully lived Christ in the midst of much suffering and pressure. I knew I had found more than the answer I was seeking. God had led me to the fountainhead of His divine life—His home where He dwells. Christ also has prepared it to be my home, the church, the mutual dwelling place of God and man…a real and practical home for our mutual satisfaction and rest today, not just in eternity future. Here Christ as the life-giving Spirit is the highest supply to satisfy the highest demands that our Father’s entire household may overcome. Hallelujah! No longer must I strive to overcome. He frees me as I simply partake of the rich supply of His overcoming life day by day together with all the believers. Oh, the joy of being one with Christ and with His Body.

Eric Kent

The Church in Alexandria

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