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“Much More”

I was saved at a young age, but being unable to “keep the law” and having no real assurance of my salvation, I embraced the world through most of my teenage years. Eventually Christ was able to claim my heart and deliver me from the world. By His mercy I was able to experience some growth, joy, peace and assurance to a limited degree.

Although I experienced times of revival, I still had the yearning. “Is there something more?” I studied the Bible and read many books, partook of the charismatic gifts, and came into a little more enjoyment of Christ.

Among the books I read (Watchman Nee was a favorite author), I was sovereignly led to The Economy of God by Witness Lee. This book, along with The Normal Christian Church Life, by Watchman Nee revolutionized my Christian life. My cookie-cutter thought of Christianity was broken. I do not mean that there was a smooth transition or that everything was wonderful, but the inner certainty of the indwelling Christ that transcends all understanding (Phil. 4:7) was solidified in me—I had the way to go on with Christ.

The eternal purpose hidden in God the Father’s heart was beginning to be unveiled to me. My redemption-based concept was enlarged to see that “God saved us and called us...according to His own purpose and grace given to us in Christ Jesus before the world began” (II Timothy 1:9-10). This calling was long before the fall of mankind and included so much more than being restored to Adam’s state. I had at last found a practical way to reach the high and holy destiny I was created for as a member of His Body.

By His mercy I’m here in the local church enjoying His nourishing and cherishing and the supply of the members of His Body-until He comes! There is so “much more” (Romans 5:17) to my Christian life now.

Diane Linzay

The Church in Alexandria

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